Poor Dental Health or Poor Health | Which came first?

Are your health problems causing poor dental health or is poor dental health causing your health problems?

It’s a well-known fact that eating a diet full of processed foods, sweets and sugary drinks can be detrimental to your dental health, causing cavities/gum problems etc.   However…….

Did you know that if you are eating well but not taking proper care of your teeth, it can lead to poor health? Obviously, you will see signs of poor dental health but other harmful things will start happening.

Bad bacteria will start to build up.   Having more bad than good bacteria in your mouth will cause problems: plaque will build up, teeth will decay, you may experience bad breath and your gums will become red and bleed easily.  It is at this stage that the toxins and pathogens get into the body.  Unfortunately, the mouth is an excellent environment for harmful bacteria and toxins to collect.  If you have an infection or open wound in your mouth, the bacteria can get in that way. Or if you let the bad bacteria build up you then breathe it in or swallow it whilst eating.  It will then be absorbed into the bloodstream and travels to various organs where it causes damage and contributes to chronic inflammation.

What Diseases and conditions can develop?

Cardiovascular Disease – Bacteria can cause inflammation and infection that can lead to heart disease, clogged arteries and strokes.   Whilst eating, bacteria sticks to your food and can be absorbed into your bloodstream when you swallow and digest it.  The bacteria can then get trapped in blood vessels and cause harmful blockages.

Endocarditis – When bacteria enter the bloodstream, it can attach itself to damaged areas of the heart.  This can cause an infection of the endocardium (lining of the heart).

Diabetic Complications – It can be more difficult to control your sugar when your gum tissue is inflamed from Periodontitis (gum disease).  Infections in the mouth can lead to low-grade inflammation throughout the body, which affects your ability to process sugar.

Respiratory Infections – If you have bad bacteria in your mouth and you breathe in, where does it go? – Right into your lungs!!   Over time the bad bacteria could cause serious problems.

Pregnancy Complications - Premature birth and low birth weight can result from severe gum disease causing an increase of prostaglandin which can induce early labour.

Dementia – There is a possibility for Alzheimer’s disease to develop when bacteria from Gingivitis travels to the brain through nerves in the head or through the bloodstream.

Could regular brushing be the key to preventing infection and disease?


How to prevent poor oral health through good dental health

Taking care of your teeth is very important as is having a healthy diet.


Firstly, are you using an Electric Toothbrush? Some Electric toothbrushes deliver up to 48,000 movements per minute, while a manual brush can only deliver 300-600 movements per minute.  They also have a two-minute timer so you spend the correct time brushing.


Even electric toothbrushes cannot remove all the plaque from between your teeth. 

Dental floss, floss picks or interdental brushes should be used daily to remove what brushing alone can’t.

So, to prevent poor health through good dental health:

  1. Brush for 2 minutes twice a day (Electric better)
  2. Clean in between your teeth daily
  3. Visit your dentist every 6 months and have regular hygiene visits
  4. Eat well