Teeth Whitening Dunfermline

Brighter, Whiter Smiles – naturally!

Tea, coffee, red wine and smoking- most of us are enjoying one or more of these products every day and it always shows.

Over time our teeth stain, our smile ages and we can end up feeling less confident and attractive. Thankfully this damage can be undone with a simple, yet effective, treatment.

The result: A brilliant, beautiful smile - all day, every day!

Teeth Whitening is an easy and safe cosmetic dentistry option for almost every patient. It brings out the natural whiteness in teeth by neutralising pigments and stains. Your teeth, and you, will look younger. Whitening can be used alongside white fillings, veneers and dental implants. This transforming treatment will leave you looking and feeling fantastic!

How is it done?

Before your treatment we will carry out a dental health check. The treatment is very safe as long as your teeth and fillings are sound. Should we detect any decay or failing fillings we would have to repair these first.

Impressions of your mouth are taken and thin plastic custom trays are made with a reservoir on each tooth giving you space for the safe peroxide whitening gel. We choose the best gel for you according to your teeth and lifestyle; the shortest daily wear time is 1hour! You then whiten your teeth daily for 7 to 10 days at home and “voila” – a brighter smile!

How long does it last?

The effects of whitening last up to ten years but to keep the results amazing we ask you to do ONE day top-up whitening session every 6 months. This will stop the new stains from getting deeper into your tooth.

How about existing crowns, bridges and fillings?

Existing porcelain crowns and bridges or white fillings will not change colour. We will advise you before you start treatment which of these will likely need replacing and the investment involved. For any treatment we offer, interest free finance is available here at The Linden Tree.

How do other whitening options compare?

A popular whitening treatment is toothpastes. These will remove some surface stain but not the stain deep inside the tooth. Be careful which product you choose; some contain actively corrosive substances which can permanently damage your teeth. Whitening gels at chemists are usually very weak and will not produce any lasting results.

Whitening treatments at beauticians should be viewed with a lot of caution. Only dental professionals are legally allowed to carry out teeth whitening and grave damage to teeth and gums have been reported after treatments by illegal practitioners.