Dental Hygienist Dunfermline

At the Linden Tree it is our mission to protect our patients from illness.

Research has shown that bacteria from gum disease contribute to health problems such as heart and lung disease and strokes.

Other health concerns such as diabetes can fuel these bacteria and lead to swollen and bleeding gums and bone loss.

These risks can also be transferred as bacteria can be passed from one person to another.

Our individual hygiene services are designed to help keep your mouth clean and your body healthy and at the same time help our Dunfermline dentist protect your nearest and dearest.


Traditional clean  £79.50 - Our hygienist will help you to maintain a healthy mouth by removing soft and hard plaque and will give you advice on the newest and best cleaning techniques and aids.

Super clean  £79.50 - Our traditional clean but with an added salt removal of persistent stains from tea, coffee or smoking in between your teeth or in fissures of your teeth.

Oral health boot camp  (2.5 hours over 3 appointments/ 3 months)  £295 - A full and intense assessment of your oral health including decay risk and gum and bone disease. We will evaluate personal risk factors such as diet, illnesses, medications, bacteria counts and couple this with intense oral health training. You will receive a risk assessment form and a tailored support plan to bring your mouth, and yourself, back to better health.

Specialist recall hygiene for decay or bone loss concerns: from £ 75

Under 12 hygiene training   £30 for one, or  £ 45 for two, kids - We are colouring in plaque, show good brushing, motivate and discuss diet. Great for every youngster but particularly advised for the reluctant brusher.

Clean with braces (under 18s) £53 - Individual oral hygiene training in the difficult and dangerous time when the teeth are partially covered with brackets and wires. Includes scaling where necessary