Implant Alternatives

Mission impossible?

When implants aren't for you, for medical or other reasons, but you are still looking for a solution that gives you the same strength and great aesthetics, let us tell you about a unique option.

Made in Germany - An amazing import!

In our daily practice we often meet people who cannot have implants for medical reasons or who shy away from extensive surgery to place them.

These patients were usually stuck with ill-fitting and often unsightly plastic or metal-clasp dentures.

A technique called the double-crown denture - also called the German Crown- with a track record of 50 years is a fantastic alternative for patients with high aesthetic and functional expectations.

Combining a secure fit on your own remaining teeth with great looks, longevity and easy care, it is a future- proof investment.

We are one of a small handful of practices in Britain offering this service in collaboration with a German Master Technician - please let us tell you more in a free consultation.