Reviews from our patients

Brilliant Job

Dear Stephanie, Thank you so much for the brilliant job you have done on my mouth.  I’m still smiling in the mirror.  After all these years it feels so wonderful to have lovely front teeth again.  It has been quite an experience for me – a journey with an amazing outcome.  I don’t think I could have met a better person to deal with this major procedure.  Thank you for your care and for informing me all the way through (although I think I was in shock most of the time).  I can’t believe that my new teeth have ‘just happened’ because I have dreamed about them for years.  Thank you to Rhona and all your staff, what a lovely team!  Also thank you so much to Bianca, please tell her I’m so pleased with my lovely teeth.  Lots of love and thanks to all of you at The Linden Tree, especially you Stephanie.

A Letter written by a patient.


"I have just completed my 'treatment' at The Linden Tree under the care of Calum and Stephanie.  I have been very impressed by the first class treatment I received starting from my first consultation to see what alternatives I had to slightly straighten my front teeth and to fix a few chipped teeth. I decided on using the Invisalign aligners, a course of teeth whitening and resin bonding to improve the symmetry on my front teeth. All the details/costs of the Invisalign treatment were explained to me in detail by Calum and I felt very comfortable with my course of treatment. 


I now have my confident smile back again. Thank you both.



Brand new smile

I first got on touch with The Linden Tree when I broke a tooth and had no choice but to go back to the dentist after not going for years. As someone who was left terrified of going to the dentist by my previous practice I was made to feel at ease from the first phone call, to walking into the building and throughout my treatment Roger and Rhona were amazing from day one. I was petrified when I first went in however they did everything possible to make me feel at ease. They talked me through everything and allowed me to decide the pace of my treatment and gave me options and their opinions in order to get the best result. I am pretty confident I put a hole through the stress ball they gave me to hold on to on my first appointment but after that I was able to feel comfortable to the point I complained that I was actually bored! I cannot thank Roger & Rhona enough for what they have done. They have given me a brand new smile and a new level of confidence now that I do not need to hide my smile. I am beyond grateful and only wish I had gone sooner! I would recommend The Linden Tree and all their staff to anyone, especially those who are nervous or scared. Stacey

Enjoyed my visits to you

Dear Dr Kerk,
Thank you very much for the great kindness and skill given to me.
The bridge work that you have designed for me fits perfectly, with the colour of the teeth excellent.
I have enjoyed my visits to you and wish you and your kind staff lots of happy days.
Yours Sincerely

A letter written by a patient.

Completely at ease

Amazing dentist, Steph and the team are very welcoming and make you feel completely at ease.  My son is 9 & he loves it to. Highly recommended.

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Highly recommend!

Highly recommend! Roger was amazing and made a perfect job on my front teeth which had broken!  Thank you so much! Really friendly and welcoming....
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Hi Steffi
Just a wee note to say I’m still thrilled with my telescopic bridge! Don’t know how I ever lived without it. 
I thought I’d also let you know that I had my regular NHS check-up today with Brian Bishop and he was seriously impressed. He said it’s some of the finest dentistry he has ever seen, and he will have no hesitation in recommending more patients to the Linden Tree. 
Can I also add that your team kept me informed every step of the process and very much reassured me and put me at ease.  I would recommend to anyone!
Thanks again for giving me my smile back! ????

Letter written by a patient.

Thank you!

To Calum,

Thank you so much for your time and help! it means a lot.  You are a true professional and when I go for the Hollywood smile, your the man to call.

Best of luck with the rest of your dental career.

From Robbie

Absolutely Delighted

With a dental history that reads like War and Peace, I am a regular visitor to the wonderful Stephi and her team at The Linden Tree Dental Lounge and I simply wouldn’t go anywhere else. Over almost 20 years I have built so much trust in her, after a long list of horror experiences elsewhere, that there was no one else I could consider for my most recent treatment.
After many years of patching up the same molar to save me from what I considered my biggest fear, tooth extraction, the inevitable head tilt from Stephi told me that time was up, and it really needed to come out! And so, it did. Without fuss, pain or any tears or fear on my part. We’ve known each other long enough that she knew exactly what to prescribe to get me through that day but now I honestly don’t know what I had been worried about.
Post extraction we had to decide what to do with the gap. I wasn’t at all bothered about the aesthetics of having a missing tooth but what was explained to me in minute detail was the impact that this may have on my ‘bite’ in the years to come causing further damage to my remaining teeth. I was a suitable candidate for all 4 options available. A splint, denture, bridge or an implant and after much consultation we settled on the implant which I can safely say has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.
There is no avoiding the fact that this is an expensive procedure but on each subsequent appointment it was clear to see why. So much care and attention is given by Stephi and her team to ensure the success of the implant and only 5 appointments later I had my new tooth fitted in time for Christmas and it feels like it’s been there forever.
I have followed Stephi to 3 dental practices now and was absolutely delighted to see all her hard work and effort over the years pay off in the building of her beautifully calm and welcoming surgery a couple of years ago. The Linden Tree Dental Lounge staff are so professional, kind and helpful and more importantly it’s obvious that they all love what they do. So, to anyone considering a dental implant, just do it!  You will not regret it and you certainly won’t if you choose Stephi to take you on that journey!
Kind Regards

Letter written by a patient.

Oozes passion

Tremendous, tremendous, tremendous... Stephanie is by far the best ever dentist I have ever come across... she oozes passion for her dentistry, extremely friendly as are her staff. I wouldn't go anywhere else and I would highly recommend a visit to her practice... and you will see what I mean! A huge thank you to all of you for getting my smile back! See you all soon when my son joins your Client list !!!! xx :)

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Professional and courteous

I cannot recommend this dental practice enough. All the way through my recent procedure I found all the staff to be professional and courteous. At all times I felt confident that I was in very good hands, thanks to my dentist explaining my procedure in detail. Truly the best dental practice I have attended.

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Obsessive attention to detail

Not being able to carry out the work required, implant, crown and bridge, my NHS dentist referred me to Stephanie Kerk and her team at The Linden Tree Dental Lounge on the outskirts of Dunfermline. Well from the initial consultation through to the final fitting which took several months, allowing time for the healing process, I can honestly say it was a surprisingly pain free process from start to finish and worth every penny. The level of patient care from Steph and her nurse Rhona was of the highest order. Steph's attention to detail was obsessive but good obsessive and her level of expertise and professionalism was of the highest order. Even arranging a face to face meeting with Bianca at Ceramic Arts who was responsible for crafting the finished product, a work of art, nothing was left to chance. I live in South Lanarkshire but travelling 50 miles was well worth it and seeing Steph's beaming smile once the final fitting was done proves she loves her job and takes pride in all she does, thanks again, Eddie.

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Modern, welcoming and comfortable

Lord, where to start?!  Stephi has looked after our teeth since the days in Dalgety Bay, and only in extremis would i trust anyone else with them.  There is no doubting her skill but it's her ability to put her patients at ease that wins every time.  I cannot think of any other dentist who I would have allowed to do an implant, let alone a fully implanted upper jaw.  like many i suspect i carry the experiences of dentistry in the 60s and 70s - not a nice place - and that is difficult to shake off.
Her latest venture, The Linden Tree, is a prime example of how far dentistry has come.  modern, welcoming and comfortable and staffed with people who share Stephi's approach to their patients.  I hope it goes without saying that the standard of dental treatment is utterly up to date but more important than nay of that is a dentist who understands that not everyone finds dentistry a relaxing way to spend an hour, who is more than willing to explain everything to you (should you wish to know) and whose judgement and skills reassures.
Dentistry has come a long way in the past years, Stephi remains firmly at the vanguard of those improvements.  She also appreciates Trabants - that makes her quite exceptional!

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Well located

The Linden Tree is undoubtedly one of the best Dental Centres in Scotland. The owner Stephanie is an exceptional dentist who listens to her patient needs and then works out a treatment plan to suit your smile requirement and your budget. The Centre is well located in a new building on the outskirts of Dunfermline, close to the motorway and has plenty of parking spaces. In addition it has all the latest state of the art Dental Technology , a welcoming environment, and friendly approachable staff. If you live in Central Scotland and are looking for an excellent dentist who cares for her patients please give the team a call, you wont find any better.

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Consistent top class care

I registered with The Linden Tree earlier this year and it has been the best decision I have made! I needed extensive dental work done and I was very nervous. Stephanie and her team are highly professional, they have put me at ease and I have so much trust in them all now. Stephanie is obviously a very talented and experienced dentist who is now looking after myself and my son's dental health. The Linden Tree provide consistent top class care.

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Big thank you

A big thank you to Steph for helping with my recent tooth pain. She has helped me before in sorting an old issue but recently I've had horrible tooth pain on the right side, both upper and bottom teeth. She identified that my teeth were ok but because I've been grinding my teeth so much, I've aggravated the tissues which is giving me the pain. In 2 days I had a mouth guard made and since then (only 4 days) I'm nearly pain free. I've not needed any pain killers since I got it. Thanks again.

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Thank you

All at The Linden Tree,
 Over my nearly 3 score years and 10 I have had the dubious pleasure of undergoing deep root treatment on several occasions. I know that, stupidly, this was due to a lack of dental care during my late teens and early 20s, an omission that I now sincerely regret. These treatments took place at a number of different dentists at different locations around the country and invariably caused a great deal of discomfort and often pain. This led, I feel, to an irrational fear of dental treatment which, I am glad to say, I am slowly overcoming, in no small part to the care and attention, and indeed kindness, I have received from Stephi and her team.
During a routine check up last year I was horrified to learn that, to save a tooth, I would require a further deep root treatment as a matter of urgency. Stephi arranged an appointment with another of her team, Calum Imray who she assured me was an expert in this type of treatment. I duly attended and found that Calum truly was excellent. He initially explained, in simple terms, what was required and how he would do the work. As the treatment was being done he advised how things were progressing which I found extremely reassuring. On completion, he further advised of the potential after effects and their likely duration. In fact I had no side effect, other than a slight ache when the anaesthetic wore off. This passed within a few hours.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Calum to anyone requiring such treatment and sincerely wish to thank him for all he did for me.

Wonderful Team

After a few unfortunate experiences I had spent most of my adult life being terrified of the dentist . I would never attend check ups,  had never had an appointment with a dental hygienist and my standard approach was to cancel appointments I made at the last minute or,  I am ashamed to say -  just not turn up. I was actually asked to leave one practice due to this recurring behavior. 
Then I met Stephie Kerk and joined her practice.  Stephie is the first dentist who has gained my trust and 8 years on I can honestly say I am not afraid of going to the dentist and attend all of my appointments.  My mouth was in a bit of  as state 8 years ago but thanks to Stephie and her team my ugly grey fillings have been changed to white, teeth which most dentists would give up on have been saved,  crowns have been added, not so good root treatments have been redone and my teeth have been whitened.  I also now attend my hygenist appointments (most of the time) and my teeth are in a much better state than they ever have been.   This is absolutely down to Stephie and her wonderful team.  I have never come across a dentist who takes so much pride in her work, explains everything so clearly and has a passionate commitment to my general oral health.
 I had to have an extraction last week on an upper molar which had a chronic infection and Stephie could not be there.  Despite my initial anxiety about another dentist doing my procedure, I agreed to be seen by Roger.  Roger was fantastic and the extraction was painless  - he was also brilliant at explaining exactly what he was doing whilst he was doing it.
 The Linden tree has a great team and I would (and do) recommend them to anybody (and everybody)
 Thank you for curing me of my dentist phobia and sorting out my teeth!


 Pleasant confident staff

 Easy car parking, pleasant confident staff, relaxing surroundings and waiting room.  Stephanie was extremely patient and took time to explain my dental treatment and options.

Post treatment I am completely satisfied with my dental implant and crown.  I would fully recommend The Linden Tree Dental Lounge especially if you are apprehensive about your dental treatment.


Delighted with results

I am writing to thank you most sincerely for fitting the two dental implants recently.  The whole process, from the initial consultation to installation, was carried out with high levels of reassurance, thoughtfulness and professionalism.  I am delighted with the results and could not be happier.  Please pass on my very best wishes to the team at The Linden Tree Dental Lounge.

Kind regards,


Caring approach

I would like to thank Stephanie and all her team for their welcoming and caring approach during my treatment visits at The Linden Tree Dental Lounge.

At my first visit a suitable dental plan was set up that met my individual requirements and I felt confident on each visit that the team had my comfort in mind.  The team have a professional manner and are dedicated to delivering an excellent service.  I feel that anybody feeling apprehensive about a dental visit would soon be put at their ease.

Thank you again for all your kindness during my treatment.


Right Choice!

Dear Steph and all the team,

It is a year now since I had my last check up with you after getting my implants done and I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did.  It was definitely the right choice for me.  I can eat anything without having to think about my teeth.

All the very best for 2020.

Kindest regards,


Professional, caring ethhos

Dear Stephanie and team,

My long new tooth journey has come to an end and i'd like to say a huge thank you to you all for your skill, care and special support you have given me.  It's been a long road but at no stage did i feel in pain or feel frightened having the procedure done.  The professional, caring ethos became obvious as soon as i crossed the door.  I am most grateful for having been in such good hands.

Many thanks,



I needed a filling (my first one!) and was rather nervous about it. Stephanie took me through each step and in the end I found the whole experience slightly relaxing?! The colour match of the filling was incredible, I’ve already forgotten twice which tooth actually has the filling inside.

I then had scaling and filing done and my teeth lifted a shade and looked so shiny! I came out of my appointment feeling like I’d had a whole new set of teeth.

The atmosphere in the practise is lovely and so much more than a usual dentist, I can’t recommend enough.

Confidence To Smile

can’t emphasis enough how professional and friendly staff at Linden Tree are. They have given me confidence to smile again. After throat cancer was told by another dentist nothing could be done. Linden Tree team (Roger in particular) proved them wrong. I was in tears, so happy with result. Now a member of there treatment plan and look forward to the future again.

Highly Recommend

I highly recommend the Linden Tree Dental Lounge for their high level of patient care . As a local dentist, I refer my implant cases here, and now I have had an implant placed by Dr Stephanie Kerk I am even happier with the well planned and pain-free treatments offered, and the excellent after care . The support staff are friendly and helpful. The practice is very pleasant and clean environment.

5 Star

I would like to thank Stephanie and her great team for looking after me the past 9 months while I underwent treatment . Stephanie always had my best interests at heart.

The teams professionalism and caring attitude shone through at all times. I am a Health professional who travels the U.K. selling X-ray equipment into health settings and can honestly say the Linden tree standards of cleanliness and care are second to none.

When I chose to go down the implant path I researched the options and came to the conclusion that the convenience and high standards of Linden tree practice outweighed any potential cost savings of Eastern Europe. When you do the sums, time off work etc, the cost difference is marginal

From the quality of the results to the virtually painless procedure the linden tree experience has been 5 star!

Beyond what I thought would be possible

From my first visit to the end of the treatment, my experience with Steph and her team has been fantastic.

The professionalism, care, surroundings and end result is beyond what I thought would be possible.

Well done guys!!

Professional Team

Great location, easy parking, immaculate premises, well equipped surgeries and above all an amazingly friendly and professional team. I cannot recommend this place highly enough!

Calming Environment

Highly recommend this practice. Friendly professional staff & top class calming environment.

First Impressions Count

They say first impressions count, it's true in this case. Friendly and professional staff, calming waiting room all helped put me at ease. I was introduced to Stephanie my dentist and shown into a private consultation room. Stephanie explained in detail all that was involved in having an implant. I experienced the same high level of care on every visit resulting in an implant fitting which felt very natural and like it had always been there.

A truly 5 * experience. Helen

Well Versed In All Aspects Of dentistry

Found the staff well versed in all aspects of dentistry from fillings to implants as well as being able to explain in details each procedure.

Great service and customer care.


Worth Every Penny!

Not being able to carry out the work required, implant, crown and bridge, my NHS dentist referred me to Stephanie Kerk and her team at The Linden Tree Dental Lounge on the outskirts of Dunfermline. Well from the initial consultation through to the final fitting which took several months, allowing time for the healing process, I can honestly say it was a surprisingly pain free process from start to finish and worth every penny. The level of patient care from Steph and her nurse Rhona was of the highest order. Stephs attention to detail was obsessive but good obsessive and her level of expertise and professionalism was of the highest order. Even arranging a face to face meeting with Bianca at Ceramic Arts who was responsible for crafting the finished product, a work of art, nothing was left to chance. I live in South Lanarkshire but travelling 50 miles was well worth it and seeing Stephs beaming smile once the final fitting was done proves she loves her job and takes pride in all she does, thanks again, Eddie.